League Competitions 2015

Individual Merit

Preliminary Rounds Thursday 21st May Start 1.30pm (scratch 1.15pm). 2 Qualifiers from each green.

   Wrock Wood (Old)  Wrock Wood (New)  Sinclair  Donn Wood (Old)
 R Vernon  J Baines   K Minshall   R Parry 
 2.  T Farrugio  A Paine   C Poole   L Russon 
 3.  C Lawrence  R Smith   J Beeston   K Wall 
 4.  J Williams  D Holding     I/C   J Newnes   J Smith 
 5.  P Rosser  P Jones          I/C   P Collins   E Jones 
 6.  G McCarthy  M Kinsey   P Kimber   G Edwards 
 7.  R Adams  T Howells   E Brookes   G Clarke 
 8.  C Rudrum  C Wilde    J Cowan   R Elcock 
 9.  B Phipps  M Hamer   B Lycett   E Thorner 
 10.  J Ashford  B Williams   B Griffin   P Minton 
 11.  G Law  N Massey    R Jarvis   B Titley 
 12.  R Edwards  S Owen   T Roche       I/C   D Maiden 
 13.  D Batty  P Owen   R Morris      I/C   D Westwood 
 14.  D Elliott      I/C  G Farrugio   G Morris   B Cotton          I/C 
 15.  T McGill      I/C   M Hinton   T Field   J Ford               I/C 
 16.  T Steadman  J Richards     

Can the host clubs ensure that the club is open and refreshments provided - thank you.
I/C's please inform Nick Stacey details of the qualifiers A.S.A.P.

Finals at Edgmond

Quarter Finals
 Roy Edwards  Bridgnorth   21     9  Barry Griffin  Wrock Wood
 Tony Roche  Madeley   21   15  Gino Farrugio  SJB
 Peter Jones  White Horse   21   18  Dave Maiden  Newport
 George Law  Albrighton   18   21  Bernard Cotton  Bowring
Semi Finals
 Roy Edwards   21    16  Tony Roche
 Peter Jones   21    13  Bernard Cotton

 Roy Edwards   17    21  Peter Jones

League President Ron Adams presents the trophies to winner Peter Jones (left) and losing finalist Roy Edwards (right).

The Huntsman of Little Wenlock Charity Shield

First Round Proper Thursday 28th May Start 2.00pm 
1.  Worfield A    (+12)  v  Albrighton B  (+24)
2.  S J Bayley A  (scr)  v  Charlton      (+12)
3.  Allscott B    (+24)  v  Highley A     (scr)
                4.  Madeley B     (+24)  v  Bowring B     (+12)                
                        5.  St Georges A  (scr)  v  Allscott A    (+12)                        
6.  C  Shifnal A(+12)6.  C  Shifnal A     (+12)
7.  S J Bayley B  (+12)  v  Horsehay      (+24)
8.  S J Bayley D  (+36)  v  Abbey A       (+12)
9.  Trench A      (+24)  v  Bridgnorth A  (scr)
10. Sinclair A    (+12)  v  Donn. Wood A  (scr)
11. Wrock. Wood B (+24)  v  Albrighton A  (+12)
12. Bylet A       (scr)  v  Bridgnorth B  (+12)
13. White Horse   (scr)  v  Wrock. Wood A (+12)
14. Bridgnorth C  (+36)  v  Maddocks A    (+12)
15. Shifnal B     (+24)  v  Shifnal C     (+36)
16. Donn. Wood B  (+12)  v  Highley B     (+24)

 Round Two (2) Thursday 11th June  Start 1.30pm (scratch 1.15pm). 2 Qualifiers from each green.
      1.  Trench A      (+24)  v  Maddocks A      (+12)
       2.  White Horse A (Scr)  v  Bylet A         (+12) 
      3   Allscott B    (Scr)  v  Madeley CC B    (+12)
      4.  SJ Bayley A   (Scr)  v  Abbey  A        (+12)
      5.  Highley B     (+24)  v  Allscott A      (Scr)
      6.  SJ Bayley  B  (+12)  v  Donn Wood A     (Scr)
      7.  Albrighton A  (+12)  v  Shifnal B       (+24)
       8.  Madeley CC A  (Scr)  v  Albrighton B    (+24) 

Semi-Finals Thursday 10th September Start 2.00pm
1.  Madeley A  v  Madeley B        @ Sinclair    
2.  Bylet A    v  S J Bayley B     @ Albrighton  

  Final Thursday   24th Sept  20015   Venue Bowring Bowling Club - Referee Roger Vernon

    Bylet A                 Madeley  C C   B
1   Tony Steadman  21   v   Norman Tyrer   19
2   Mick Plant     14   v   Cyril Bright   21
3   Geoff Carnell  21   v   Alan Weekes    16
4   Dave Elliott   13   v   Ian Tipton     21
5   Russell Morris 21   v   Reg Bennett    15
6   Tom McGill     21   v   Dave Heighway   3
                  111                     100
    Handicap      Scr       Handicap      +24
    Total         111                     124

 Madeley CC B won by 13 shots


Preliminary Rounds Thursday 4th June Start 1pm (scratch 12.45pm). 2 Qualifiers from each green.

   Allscott  Edgmond  Bylet No.1  Bridgnorth
 B Matthews & R Edwards  J Baines & A Paine     I/C  G Jones & G Meredith  B Taylor & C Lawrence
 2.  J Richards & P Timmington  J James & K Wall  W Barber & M Owen  R McGrath & R Leeke
 3.  L Russon & J Cadwallader  T Steadman & T McGill  V Tonks & A Whitehouse  J Ford & B Cotton      I/C
 4.  B Parry & R Smith  T Field & G Morris  J Hawkins & B Johnson  C Poole & E Jones
 5.  D Elliott & R Morris        I/C  B Williams & D Horne  J Newnes & P Collins  R Jarvis & R Bennett
 6.  S Owen & M Oliver  R Lewis & P McGrath  R Pritchard & T Howells  T Roche & J Madeley
 7.  B Phipps & B Drew  K Minshall & J Beeston  G Farruggio & M Hinton  D Heighway & D Offley
 8.  D Russell & J Preece  R Vernon & T Farruggio  P Owen & R Willetts  B Barber & T Deakin
 9.  J Stoker & J Edwards  R Crooke & J Morgan  B Mason & A Burrows  P Kimber & I Picken
 10.  B Martin & R James  B Tisdale & R Fincher  P Jones & K Reeves  C Wilde & N Latham
 11.  N Corbett & W Jones  K Pritchard & I Jeffs  G Edwards & G Clarke  E Reynolds & D Oliver
 12.  E Thorner & R Elcock   N Stones & R Harley  G Law & J Ashford       I/C  F Edwards & J Lord
 13.  B Griffin & B Lycett  C Rudrum & D Doody  D Westwood & D Maiden  D Rees & D Holding

 M Kinsey & J Smith

Can the host clubs ensure that the club is open and refreshments provided - thank you.
I/C's please inform Nick Stacey details of the qualifiers A.S.A.P.

Over 75's Final

Thursday August 13th at Shifnal Bowling Club. 1.30pm start (1.15pm scratch).

Quarter Finals
 Joe Ashford  Albrighton   21   13  Eddie Thorner  Wrockwardine Wood
 Roger Vernon  Charlton   21   15  Sid Poole  Bowring
 Don Holding  White Horse   11   21  Bernard Cotton  Bowring
 Dave Elliott   21   18  Jim Lord  SJB

Semi Finals
 Joe Ashford   21    17  Roger Vernon
 Bernard Cotton   21    16  Dave Elliott

 Joe Ashford   21   18  Bernard Cotton

L to R: League Secretary John Ford, winner Joe Ashford (Albrighton), League President Ron Adams and runner-up Bernard Cotton (Bowring).

Team Knockout Finals

Thursday August 20th 2.00pm start.

Division 3
Horsehay  v  SJ Bayley B  at Bowring No.2
Winners   S J Bayley   B
Division 4
Sinclair B  v  Madeley C  at Bowring No.1
Winners   Sinclair B
Thursday August 27th  2.00pm start.

Division 1
SJ Bayley A  v  St Georges A  at Wrockwardine Wood (old)
Winners   S J Bayley  A
Division 2
Bridgnorth B  v  Albrighton A  at Wrockwardine Wood (new)
Winners   Bridgnorth   B