To All Clubs

posted 12 Jul 2018, 03:52 by John Palmer
This is to let you all know that I have had to make a change to the result of the team Knock Out Competition Division 3 on 21st June 2018 involving Highley 'B 'team Versus Wrock Wood  'B'.
It has come to light that Highley B team had played a Division one player in the  second team.
Highley have therefore breached Competition Rule No 1(a) which states that a player can only play up, not down.
After speaking to all officers of the League they all said that this was the right decision so I have changed the information on the web site,
All teams involved Trench (And Bridgnorth Venue) have been told of this.
Wrock Wood B   v   Trench  date and  venue to be arranged.
I have given them 14 days to play the match.

Frank Booth     12-7-2018