Welcome to the Mid-Shropshire Senior Citizens Crown Green Bowling League.
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The league was established in the Telford area by Mr John Jones in 1976. Today, it consists of some 26 clubs which compete in teams of six in four divisions on Wednesday afternoons.

When launched in 2011, this web site provided a full results service based on the old PC based 'allbut' system managed by Fixture Secretary Frank Booth but this was replaced after three years by Mike Beckett's revolutionary online results system to which we now link.

The results service linked to from this site is provided by:

League News

Charity Shield Update

St Georges have withdrawn their 'D' team so Shifnal 'B' now have a bye into the first round.

The full draw is now available on the Results Service. Unfortunately, Horsehay have withdrawn their 'B' team so Much Wenlock have a bye into round 2.

First round ties take place on Thursday 9th June with the exception of Bridgnorth 'D' v Madeley 'A' which will have to be played at a different time because Bridgnorth have three matches at home.

Teams who lose their first match either in the Preliminary or First Rounds will be entered into the Consolation draw with the preliminary round ties being played on Thursday 7th July .

Full draw for round 1:
Bylet C (+36) v Worfield B (+36) (Worfield B +12)
Horsehay A (Scr) v Shifnal B (+24)
Newport B (+36) v St Georges A (Scr)
Albrighton A (+12) v SJB A (Scr)
Maddocks A (+12) v Sinclair A (Scr)
Edgmond (+24) v Wrockwardine Wood A (+12)
St Georges B (+12) v Shifnal A (+12) (Shifnal A +12)
Newport D (+36) v Bridgnorth C (+36) (Bridgnorth C +12)
SJB B (Scr) v Allscott A (+12)
Bylet A (Scr) v Albrighton B (+36)
SJB C (+36) v Charlton (+12)
Bridgnorth A (Scr) v Newport A (+12)
Bridgnorth B (+12) v Donnington Wood B (+24)
Bridgnorth D (+36) v Madeley A (Scr)
SJB D (+36) v White Horse (Scr)
Much Wenlock (+12) bye


Charity Shield Preliminary Round Draw

The draw has been made for the preliminary round of the Charity Shield and entered onto the Results Service. Ties will be played on Thursday 12th May, 1.30pm start. Teams who lose their first match either in the Preliminary or First Rounds will be entered into the Consolation. Please note that should any team withdraw without playing a match, they will not be entered.

The other 20 teams that have entered have a bye to round one which will be played on Thursday 9th June.

Matches will be played on the greens of the first team drawn. Handicaps will apply: Division 1 Scratch, Division 2 +12, Division 3 +24 & Division 4 +36. Any teams drawn together from the same division, the away team will be +12.

  1. Bylet C (+36) v Madeley C (+24)

  2. Worfield B (+36) v Allscott B (+24)

  3. Horsehay A (Scr) v Chelmarsh (+24)

  4. Bye v Shifnal B (+24)

  5. Newport B (+36) v Donnington Wood A (+24)

  6. St Georges A (Scr) v Highley B (+24)

  7. Albrighton A (+12) v Worfield A (+24)

  8. Madeley B (+24) v SJB A (Scr)

  9. Maddocks (+12) v Mortimer (Scr)

  10. Sinclair (Scr) v St Georges C (+24)

  11. Edgmond (+24) v Newport C (+12)

  12. Wrockwardine Wood A (+12) v Highley A (Scr)


Health and Safety

Following a recent serious incident, clubs are reminded of the importance of team captains knowing the location of their first aid kits and accident books and also to ensure that their first aid kits are maintained on a regular basis.


Match Result Card

Anyone who needs match result cards can download some (3 to a page) and print them off from the Downloads page.


Parking at Much Wenlock

Club secretary Mervyn Jarman has advised the following:
Please be advised that during school holidays access to the green at Much Wenlock is available by the open gates in the bottom left hand corner of the main school car park there are limited parking spaces available by driving through these gates otherwise park in main car park.


Archiving News

News items will be moved to the current year in the News Archive when they're no longer relevant.

16 Aug 20

New Web Site

The league web site has been converted to a new Google Site as the old Classic Sites are being discontinued. The old one will still be available for a limited time here.

If you have any problems or observations, please email details to midshropseniorbowls@gmail.com or fill in the Contact Form.

12 Aug 20

If you have any suggestions for improving this site or adding content, please either email midshropseniorbowls or fill in the Contact Form.