League News 2014

The 'Mike Beckett' Results System

The league has decided to start using the 'Mike Beckett Results System' for season 2014. This is a separate web site which contains a database of all fixtures, results and statistics for the Mid-Shropshire Senior Citizens League and is the same system that was used successfully by the Mid-Shropshire League in 2013. Results for last year have been entered and can be viewed by selecting the Results/2013 link. Instead of posting off the result card and the Fixture Secretary having to enter match results, all results will be entered and checked on-line by the clubs themselves.

  • There will be a window of opportunity before the season starts for all clubs to register details of their signed players.

  • Team captains should complete and sign the match card as normal.

  • Either team can log-in to the results service using the 'Club-Login' link, select 'Enter 2014 Results' and the appropriate match and fill in the on-line match card, finish by clicking 'SAVE RESULTS'.

  • The other team also log-in and confirm the match results.

  • Once a match is entered and checked it will be locked by the fixture secretary to prevent further updates.

  • League tables, averages etc are automatically updated as soon as match results have been entered.

  • There is no need for the home team to post the match card but it should be retained in case of dispute.

  • Passwords for each club will be distributed by the fixture secretary at the pre-AGM meeting.

  • A 'Demo' system is available which allows team representatives to practise entering match cards. This also gives further instructions and some tips about entering results. Clubs who have not used the system already are encouraged to use the demo to ensure that they are confident in how to enter results.