2022 Prize Presentation

The presentation of prizes for the 2022 season were made at Bylet BC following the Charity Shield and Consolation finals on Wednesday 5th October. Details are here.


Finals Day Results.

Congratulations to Wrockwardine Wood A on winning the Charity Shield with a 39 shots win over Sir John Bayley B.

Further congratulations to Newport B on winning the Charity Shield Consolation with a 47 shots win over Allscott Heath B. 

Both matches were played at Bylet BC on Wednesday 5th October. Full details are here.


League Meetings

The league's 2023 AGM will be held on Thursday 16th February at 1.30pm, at Sinclair.

As agreed at this year's AGM, there will be no pre-AGM meeting in November so it's important that any proposals for league or competition rule changes and nominations for posts on the committee are sent to League Secretary John Ford as soon as possible.


Doubles Finals

Individual Merit Winner Ian Evans teamed up with his Madeley Cricket Club partner Les Mumford to retain the Doubles Trophy that they won at Trench last season. In a high quality final they beat Norman Harvey & Keith Pessall of Sir John Bayley 21-18. Details here.


Individual Merit Finals

Congratulations to Ian Evans of Madeley CC on winning the Individual Merit at Trench with a narrow 21-20 victory over Graham Turner of St Georges. Full details here.


Over 75's Trophy

Congratulations to Mick Jones (SJB) on winning the Over 75's Trophy at Bridgnorth. Details here.


Finals Day - Change of Venue

Please note that the league's finals day and presentation of prizes on Wednesday 5th October has been moved from Allscott to Bylet.

The team finals will start at 1.30pm and dress code will apply with no exceptions:

Huntsman of Little Wenlock Charity Shield

Wrockwardine Wood (+12) v Sir John Bayley B (Scr) on the No.1 green.

Charity Shield Consolation

Allscott B (+24) v Newport B (+36) on the No.2 green.

All Trophies (League Winners, Runners-Up, Third place prize money and average winners) will be presented on the same afternoon, hopefully starting at approximately 3.30pm. Representatives from Clubs with Trophies will be expected to attend.


Charity Shield Semi-Finals

Wrockwardine Wood of division 2 and SJB B of division 1 will compete in the final of the Huntsman of Little Wenlock Charity Shield at Bylet No.1 on Wednesday 5th October. The Wood beat division 1 Horsehay in a close match where their +12 handicap proved decisive. In another tight game, SJB B defeated White Horse HUSC by 8 shots. Full results are here.


Charity Shield Consolation Semi-Finals

Allscott B and Newport B have progressed to the final of the Charity Shield Consolation. Allscott at the expense of Chelmarsh while Newport defeated Bridgnorth D. Both games were played at Bylet on Thursday 8th September.

Full results can be found here.

The final will be played along with the Charity Shield final at Bylet No.2 on Wednesday 5th October.


Doubles Finals - Qualifiers

Finals of the Doubles competition take place on Thursday 1st September at Edgmond, 12.15pm scratch.


Vince Cruise & David Maiden S J Bayley
Algi Davies & Gino Farruggio S J Bayley
Ian Evans & Les Mumford Madeley C C
Don Hood & Maurice Wakeley Sinclair
Bob Barber & Jon Madeley St Georges
Norman Harvey & Keith Pessall S J Bayley
Paul Powell & Steve Holmes W Horse Husc
Robert Renke &  Peter Driver Bylet


Dixon Cup

The annual challenge match against the Shrewsbury Seniors League will be played at Old Shrewsbury Bowling Club on Monday 5th September, 1pm start.

Team selected as follows:

N. Harvey SJB

A. James  Bridgnorth

P. Burd   Horsehay

V. Cruise.  SJB

J. Lister.   White Horse

I. Evans.   Madeley

P. Spragg.   Sinclair

R. Renke.   Bylet

A. Paine.    Highley

S. Parton.   Bowring

K. Carter.    Broseley

G. Kitchen.   Mortimer


B. Titley.   Newport

J. Lawrence.   Donn. Wood

R. Oliver.    St. George’s


Doubles Qualifying

Doubles qualifying took place on Thursday 4th August at Bowring (old) and Much Wenlock. Full draw (qualifiers in bold):

Bowring (old)

Phil Atkins & George Emlyn Donn Wood
Vince Cruise & David Maiden S J Bayley
Algi Davies & Gino Farruggio S J Bayley
Ian Evans & Les Mumford Madeley C C
Eddie Gillespie & Neil Massey Donn Wood
William Grainger & Steve Corbett Donn Wood
Don Hood & Maurice Wakeley Sinclair
Chris Lawrence & John Satterthwaite Donn Wood
Eric Pitchford & Alan Pritchard Charlton
Tony Roche & Pat Minton S J Bayley
Peter Spragg & Mike Kinsey Sinclair
Carl Teece & John Palin St Georges
Brian Williams & David Horne W Horse Husc

30Jul22 updated 6Aug22

Much Wenlock

Bob Barber & Jon Madeley St Georges
Warren Barber & Gwyn Jones Donn Wood
Graham Bleakley & Graham Hollis Madeley C
Dave Brown & Kevin Hall Sinclair
Peter Burd & Phil Harris Horsehay
Phil Furness & Barry Griffin Wroc Wood
Norman Harvey & Keith Pessall S J Bayley
Peter Jones & Jim Lister W Horse Husc
Barry Jones & John Lawrence Donn Wood
William Meredith & John Pritchard Bridgnorth
Andrew Pain & Phil Pack Highley
Paul Powell & Steve Holmes W Horse Husc
Robert Renke &  Peter Driver Bylet
Roger Vernon & Allan Davies Charlton

Change of Cup Venue

Please note that the venue for the Charity Shield quarter final between Horsehay A and SJB A has been changed to Maddocks.


Charity Shield & Consolation Quarter Finals

The quarter finals of the Charity Shield & Consolation will be held on Thursday 11th August, 1.30pm start. Draw below and also on the Results Service.

Please note that as these ties are played on a neutral green, a fee of £1 per player should be paid to the host club.

Allscott A (+12) v Allscott B (+24) at Allscott
Donnington B (+24) v Chelmarsh (+24) at Bridgnorth
SJB D (+36) v Bridgnorth D (+36) at Worfield
Newport B (+36) v Highley A (Scr) at Broseley

Horsehay A (Scr) v SJB A (Scr) at  Maddocks
Wrock Wood (+12) v St Georges B (+12) at Donnington 1
SJB B (Scr) v Bridgnorth A (Scr) at Madeley
Bridgnorth B (+12) v White Horse HUSC (Scr) at Shifnal


Charity Shield Consolation - First Round

First round ties in the Charity Shield Consolation will be played on Thursday July 28th. Details are on the results service.

Full draw:

Newport D (+36) v Allscott A (+12)
Allscott B (+24) v SJB C (+36)
Donnington B (+24) v Newport C (+12)
Chelmarsh (+24) v Shifnal A (+12)
SJB D (+36) v Highley B (+24)
Worfield A (+24) v Bridgnorth D (+36)
Newport B (+36) v Madeley C (+24)
St Georges C (+24) v Highley A (Scr)


Individual Merit Qualifiers

The eight qualifiers from Shifnal on 21st July were:

They will all now play in the finals at Trench on Thursday 18th August.


Competitions Reminder

A reminder that qualifying for both the Individual Merit and Doubles takes place in the next few weeks...

Entries which are free should be sent to Rob Renke, Competitions Secretary. Mobile: 07712645805 or email: compsec@midshropseniorbowls.co.uk


Urgent Request from Squirrel

Squirrel Bowling Club are urgently looking for a greenkeeper. See message below from their Chairman Bill Smith...

Our present contractor who has only been in post for 5 months, will not be able to do any more  work for us, so we will need someone to carry on from the beginning of August. We will then need a green keeper to cut twice a week and apply fertilisers/chemicals as when req'd. Our own equipment, petrol, liquids, etc, will be available for use by an interested person. 

We would be much obliged if you could ask the question for us of the league teams, or if anyone has a contact that may be able to help. 

Thanking you in anticipation. 

Bill Smith, Squirrel Bowling Club Chairman.
Alveley. 01746 780841. 07884148433.


Charity Shield Last 16

Ties in the last 16 of the Charity Shield will be played on Thursday July 7th. The draw is as follows:
Worfield B (+36) v Horsehay A (Scr)
St Georges A (Scr) v SJB A (Scr)  (SJB A +12)
Maddocks A (+12) v Wrock Wood A (+12)  (Wrock Wood +12)
St Georges B (+12) v Bridgnorth C (+36)
SJB B (Scr) v Bylet A (Scr) (Bylet +12)
Charlton (+12) v Bridgnorth A (Scr)
Bridgnorth B (+12) v Madeley A (Scr)
White Horse (Scr) v Much Wenlock (+12)


Charity Shield Consolation Draw

The draw has been made for the preliminary and first rounds of the Charity Shield Consolation. The two matches in the preliminary round will be played on Thursday July 7th and the first round on Thursday July 28th. The draw has been posted on the Results Service and is as follows:

Preliminary Round Thursday July 7th

1  Madeley CC B (+24) v Newport D (+36)
2  Allscott A (+12) v Albrighton B (+36)

First Round Thursday July 28th

Winner match 1 v Winner match 2
Allscott B (+24) v SJB C (+36)
Donnington B (+24) v Newport C (+12)
Chelmarsh (+24) v Shifnal A (+12)
SJB D (+36) v Highley B (+24)
Worfield A (+24) v Bridgnorth D (+36)
Newport B (+36) v Madeley C (+24)
St Georges C (+24) v Highley A (Scr)


Reminder About Player Registrations 

Clubs are reminded that as from 8th June any new players must be registered seven days before they are eligible to play in the league.

Nigel Booth Fixture Secretary


Charity Shield Update

St Georges have withdrawn their 'D' team so Shifnal 'B' now have a bye into the first round.

The full draw is now available on the Results Service. Unfortunately, Horsehay have withdrawn their 'B' team so Much Wenlock have a bye into round 2.

First round ties take place on Thursday 9th June with the exception of Bridgnorth 'D' v Madeley 'A' which will have to be played at a different time because Bridgnorth have three matches at home.

Teams who lose their first match either in the Preliminary or First Rounds will be entered into the Consolation draw with the preliminary round ties being played on Thursday 7th July .

Full draw for round 1:
Bylet C (+36) v Worfield B (+36)  (Worfield B +12)
Horsehay A (Scr) v Shifnal B (+24)
Newport B (+36) v St Georges A (Scr)
Albrighton A (+12) v SJB A (Scr)
Maddocks A (+12) v Sinclair A (Scr)
Edgmond (+24) v Wrockwardine Wood A (+12)
St Georges B (+12) v Shifnal A (+12)  (Shifnal A +12)
Newport D (+36) v Bridgnorth C (+36)  (Bridgnorth C +12)
SJB B (Scr) v Allscott A (+12)
Bylet A (Scr)  v Albrighton B (+36)
SJB C (+36) v Charlton (+12)
Bridgnorth A (Scr) v Newport A (+12)
Bridgnorth B (+12) v Donnington Wood B (+24)
Bridgnorth D (+36) v Madeley A (Scr)
SJB D (+36) v White Horse (Scr)
Much Wenlock (+12) bye


Charity Shield Preliminary Round Draw

The draw has been made for the preliminary round of the Charity Shield and entered onto the Results Service. Ties will be played on Thursday 12th May, 1.30pm start. Teams who lose their first match either in the Preliminary or First Rounds will be entered into the Consolation. Please note that should any team withdraw without playing a match, they will not be entered.

The other 20 teams that have entered have a bye to round one which will be played on Thursday 9th June. 

Matches will be played on the greens of the first team drawn. Handicaps will apply: Division 1 Scratch, Division 2 +12, Division 3 +24 & Division 4 +36. Any teams drawn together from the same division, the away team will be +12.


Health and Safety

Following a recent serious incident, clubs are reminded of the importance of team captains knowing the location of their first aid kits and accident books and also to ensure that their first aid kits are maintained on a regular basis.


Charity Shield/Consolation - Final Reminder

Competition Secretary Rob Renke wishes to remind clubs that all teams will be automatically entered into the Charity Shield Competition unless he hears otherwise by Thursday 28th April.


Wrockwardine Wood 'B' in division 3

Unfortunately, Wrockwardine Wood have had to withdraw their 'B' team from division 3 due to a lack of players. Their fixtures will now be a bye.


Ken Pritchard and Malcolm Bolas

League officers are saddened to hear of the death of two Sinclair bowlers, Ken Pritchard and Malcolm Bolas and wish to send condolences to their families and Sinclair club.


2022 Fixtures Now Live

The league fixtures for 2022 are now live on Mike Beckett's Results Service.


Outcome from the AGM


Joe Ashford

League officers are saddened to learn of the death of Joe Ashford and wish to send their condolences to Joe's family and Albrighton Bowling Club.

Joe passed away on March 11th in Compton Care Home at the age of 91.


Richard Chesters

Richard passed away peacefully on Tuesday 15th February. He was a stalwart of Edgmond Bowling Club and will be greatly missed. 

League officers send their condolences to Richard's family and Edgmond club.


Change to the Results System

Please note that the web address for Mike Beckett's Results System is changing from bowlingresults.co.uk to bowlsresults.co.uk. All the links that I'm aware of on this site have been changed accordingly but if you have any that you've bookmarked, you'll have to amend them.


League AGM - Update

At a committee meeting today, it was decided to bring the time of the AGM forward from 1.30pm to 12.00pm due to Ron Wilde's funeral being held later in the afternoon.

The committee would also appreciate the return of the following trophies at the AGM:

It was also decided that the cutoff date for clubs to finalise the number of teams they would be entering in the league this season will be Tuesday 8th March. 


League AGM Revised Date

The League AGM will now be held on Thursday 24th February at Sinclair, 1pm for a 1.30pm start (see above).

It is important at this later stage that you can let the meeting know how many teams your club will be entering for this season, as you can appreciate this will affect the structuring of the league accordingly.


Sad News

League officers and committee are saddened to hear of the deaths of Brian Neville (Wrockwardine Wood) and Ron Wilde (Madeley Cricket Club) and wish to send their condolences.


League AGM Postponed

Due to the current levels of Covid infections in the area, league officers have decided to postpone the AGM scheduled to take place on 20th January, until further notice. Club secretaries will be informed by email.