Doubles Result

Congratulations to Les Mumford & Ian Evans of Madeley on winning the Doubles Competition at Trench BC on Thursday 23rd September. Details are here.


Doubles Finals

The finals of the Doubles will be held at Trench BC on Thursday 23rd September. The draw will be made at 12.45pm and dress code will apply.

Qualifiers from Sinclair

Dave Horne & Brian Williams (White Horse HUSC).
Les Mumford & Ian Evans (Madeley CC).

Qualifiers from Bridgnorth

Mike Kinsey & Dave Brown (Sinclair).
Barry Griffin & John Clarke (Wrockwardine Wood).


Charity Shield & Consolation Finals

Bylet 'A' won the Charity Shield by 8 shots over Allscott Heath and White Horse HUSC won the Consolation by 10 shots over Worfield. Both matches were played at Bowring on Thursday 2nd September by kind permission. 

The match card for the Charity Shield is here and for the Consolation, here.

More information on this site can be found here.


Much Wenlock Olympic Doubles

The Much Wenlock Olympic Doubles will be held on Sunday 19th September, closing date for entries is 12th September.

Details can be found on the Wenlock Olympics Society website here. Contact Bob Mumford on 01952 727138.


League Pre-AGM

The league Pre-AGM will take place on Thursday 14th October 2021 at Sinclair Bowling Club, 1.30pm start.

Could all Proposals for changes to the League Rules etc. be forwarded to John Ford League Secretary ( by 23rd September 2021.

Would all Club and Individual Trophy holders please return Trophies at this Meeting.

Brian Williams Chairman


Parking at Much Wenlock

Club secretary Mervyn Jarman has advised the following:
Please be advised that during school holidays access to the green at Much Wenlock is available by the open gates in the bottom left hand corner of the main school car park there are limited parking spaces available by driving through these gates otherwise park in main car park.


Charity Shield and Consolation Finals

The finals of the Charity Shield and Consolation will be played at Bowring by kind permission on Thursday 2nd September 1pm for a 1.30pm start. Dress code applies.

Charity Shield

Allscott Heath (+12) v Bylet A (Scr) on the No.1 green.


White Horse (Scr) v Worfield (+12) on the No.2 green.


Charity Shield and Consolation Semi-Finals

The semi-finals of both competitions will be played on Thursday 19th August. Details are:

Charity Shield

Highley A Scr v Allscott A +12 at Bylet No.2
Albrighton A +12 v Bylet A Scr at Edgmond


Sinclair Scr v White Horse Scr at Trench
Bridgnorth B +12 v Worfield A+12 at Bylet No.1


Update from Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 27th July

The Committee held a meeting on Tuesday 27th July and the following points were agreed:


Charity Shield and Consolation Quarter Finals

The draws for the quarter finals of the Charity Shield and Consolation have now been made and entered on the Results Service. Ties in both competitions will be played on Thursday 29th July.

Charity Shield Quarter Finals

Highley A Scr v Mortimer Scr at Chelmarsh
Allscott A +12 v Much Wenlock +12 at SJB No.1
Trench +24 v Albrighton A +12 at Wrockwardine Wood Old
SJB A Scr v Bylet A Scr at Shifnal

Consolation Quarter Finals

Bylet B Scr v Sinclair Scr at Broseley
SJB C +36 v White Horse Scr at Sinclair
Bridgnorth B +12 v Madeley C +24 at Horsehay
SJB B Scr v Worfield A +12 at Wrockwardine Wood New

The above draws will both continue down to the finals, no redraw will be made. The Semi Finals will be played on Thursday 19th August.

Teams involved are reminded to bring their own refreshments as none will be provided by the host clubs and also that a minimum 50p per player green fee will be payable.

8 Jul21

Extreme Weather

The management committee are advising all clubs to postpone their fixtures scheduled for Wednesday 21st July due to the extremely hot weather forecast.


Doubling Up in League Matches

It was recently agreed at a meeting of the committee that for this season only, one player can double up in league matches when the team is short of players. However this should only apply to the club's bottom ranked team and not in the Charity Shield or Consolation competitions.


Charity Shield and Consolation Draws

The draws for the next round of the Charity Shield and first round of the Consolation have now been made and entered on the Results Service. Ties in both competitions will be played on Wednesday 30th June.

Charity Shield Draw

Allscott B +24 v SJB A Scr
Bylet A Scr v Horsehay A Scr *
Trench A +24 v Newport A +12
Much Wenlock +12 v Bridgnorth A Scr
Allscott A +12 v Worfield B +36
Albrighton B +36 v Highley A Scr
Mortimer Scr v Donnington A +24
Albrighton A +12 v Charlton +12 *

Consolation Draw

SJB D +36 v SJB B Scr
Madeley C +24 v Newport B +24 *
SJB C +36 v Maddocks A +12
Sinclair Scr v Chelmarsh +24
White Horse Scr v Madeley A Scr *
Bridgnorth B +12 v Wrockwardine Wood +12 *
Shifnal A +12 v Worfield A +12 *
Bylet B Scr v Madeley B +24

As in the previous round, matches marked * conform to Charity Shield rule 11: (Any two teams from the same division drawn against each other, the team drawn away to receive a +12 point handicap.)  Therefore Horsehay A, Charlton, Newport B, Madeley A, Wrockwardine Wood & Worfield A will receive an additional +12 handicap.

Suitable Footwear at this Season's Matches


This is a reminder that the B.C.G.B.A. rule on open toed footwear is still valid even though for this season only we are playing friendly competitive matches. These matches are still being played under the jurisdiction of the B.C.G.B.A and so we must fully conform to the B.C.G.B.A. rules  and laws of the game which in the case of footwear states:

Suitable footwear must be worn. Hard or block -heeled footwear, or open-toed footwear, must not be worn whilst on the green in any match played under the Association’s jurisdiction.


Charity Shield Preliminary Draw

The draw has been made for the preliminary round of the Charity Shield (see below). Ties will be played on Wednesday 23rd June. Teams losing in the first round will be automatically entered into a Charity Shield Consolation Cup. Round 1 of both competitions will be played on Wednesday 30th June. Charity Shield rules will apply to both. Could winning captains please record the result on the Results System within 24 hours so that the next round draw can be made.

Draw and Handicaps.

Charlton +12 v Sinclair Scr
Allscott B +24 v SJB B Scr
Mortimer Scr v SJB C +36
Horsehay Scr v White Horse Scr *
Trench +24 v Maddocks +12
SJB D +36 v SJB A Scr
Bylet A Scr v Shifnal A +12
Madeley B +24 v Donnington A +24 *
Newport A +12 v Worfield A +12 *
Albrighton A +12 v Madeley C +24
Albrighton B +36 v Madeley  A Scr
Allscott A +12 v Newport B  +24
Worfield B +36 v Bylet B Scr
Bridgnorth A Scr v  Bridgnorth B +12
Highley A Scr v Chelmarsh +24
Much Wenlock +12 v Wrockwardine Wood  +12 *

Matches marked * conform to Charity Shield rule 11: (Any two teams from the same division drawn against each other, the team drawn away to receive a +12 point handicap.)  Therefore White Horse, Donnington A, Worfield A & Wrockwardine Wood will have an aggregate +12 in each match for this round only.

Charity Shield and a Reminder

Please note that all teams in the league will be entered into the Charity Shield unless they notify Competition Secretary Rob Renke that they wish to withdraw by Saturday 15th May. All teams will be charged the usual £5 whether playing or not.

Could all clubs also please ensure that the league are informed if their contact details change.


Harold Corbett

League officers and committee are saddened to hear of the death of Harold Corbett (Steptoe), late of Abbey and Madeley Bowling Clubs and wish to send their condolences.


2021 Fixtures now live.

2021 league fixtures are now available on Mike Beckett's Results Service. You are now able to login and add or remove registered players as appropriate here. If you have forgotten your club's password or need any assistance, please contact Nigel Booth.



The Executive Committee met online via Zoom on the 30th of March 2021 and have agreed the following.

The Executive Committee are meeting again after the third date of Government Road Map i.e. 17 May 2021.

A letter has been forwarded to all Clubs with further explanation.

All of the above is subject to Government and BCGBA rulings.

Brian Williams, Chairman


Reference Cancellation of AGM posted 22 Sep 20

This post referred to the MSSBL starting on 7th April 21. The League will not be able to start on this date due to Government COVID Guidelines. The League Management Committee are meeting on 30th March 21 and hope to have news of a start date after this meeting.
Brian Williams Chairman


Albert Millward

The league are saddened to hear of the death of Albert Millward of Newport and formerly of Trench on 26th February aged 79.


More Sad News

The death has been announced of Ken Reeves after a short illness. Ken was a stalwart member of the old White Horse Bowling Club for many years and then played for Allscott after the White Horse closed.


Sad News

League Officers are saddened to hear of the death on 27th January of Clarence (Clal) Luter at age 92. Clal was a true gentleman and played for Sinclair for many years.